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For your kind information admob account requires two accounts which should be linked with this account. One adsense account and another one ads account which would be linked by default with admob. Adsense account is for getting paid for your displayed ads.

This adsense account linking would be happened only once. Now a days every one are fascinating with android apps. Hence Admob became famous and giving more income to google and adsense account holders. Hence we have taken step forward to support android application holders. Hope you are aware of the procedure to create gaming application or any other application to serve your adsense account related ads.

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Admob adsense account has more demand than website related and youtube related adsense accounts. The reason is because every one are using smart phone and that compraises many applications from google playstore. If you guys need more informatin on how to publish your gaming or any other useful application. You can let us know and we drive you to publish at google play store. It incurrs some fees which we need to pay to google team.

at the sametime you need not publish into google playstore to use your adsense account in your admob account. If you have any other best marketing techniques, then go ahead and provide your application for users usage across all over the world and get paid by adsense account with the support of our team.