Here is some most important questions. which questions clients ask to us mostly.please read these questions.

           We  would like to recommended you to read these questions before asking to us anything.

How much time we will take to get approval for you ?

No need to wait you for access you fully approved account after receiving you payment you will get ID & PASS.

About Our Account Quality & guarantee 

We create account firstly and than we talk about payment .if we could not get fully approved account approval so we do not ask about payment.after buy adsense account if you have any problem and any doubt regarding our adsense account we will support you any time 24 hours.

Are we selling domain and hosting ?

We are not selling here domain and hosting with your adsense account we will provide you only fully approved account through our website.but if you need website with hosting and domain so you can get batter deal with us.

How do we accept payment ?

You can use these option for payment us.you can direct deposit deposit cash in our bank account by you nearby these branches ICICI BANK & PNB BANK.and you can also use NEFT for payment use(NET BANKING) we also accept paypal for Worldwide clints.

Do we provide to make HOSTED adsense account to NON-HOSTED ACCOUNT ?

Yes we are also providing this service to make hosted account to no hosted account.

How can you contact us ?

You can use these things for contact us Mail us-raikwarservices(@)gmail.com or +91-9582630638 and skype – SUNIL.ADSENSE SERVICES and also you can visit on Contact us page

You are confuse for these questions can you use your single adsense account on your mutli Websites and blogs ?

YES you can use your single adsense account in your multi websites.

 This account will be pin verified ?

No the account will be fully approved for verified your account you will have to reach you account amount at 10$ USD than you will get verification pin at your address.

You don,t know what is difference between hosted account and non-hosted account? 

hosted accounts ads show will be only for hosted websites like YOUTUBE & BLOGGER. But non-hosted account you can use any website.and you ads will be show on any website.

Why dose GOOGLE banned your account?

Google is paying you because advertiser is paying to google for get his business better.but when you do invalid activities in this situation if google got that you are doing invalid activities so google will send you mail of disabled your adsense account.so don,t use back hat after 12th june 2016 google will not give you chance make money with black hat.


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