How To Buy Safe Genuine Adsense Account And Safe Your Money With Scammer

Hello Friends,

Sunil Kashyap here i am following to Google Adsense from last 6 years now i am going to tell you & i am also providing genuine adsense account with my quality support from last 2 years you can see Below.

Still my website is showing on top page from last 2 year i did not run because i was working genuine not like scammer… Now Let,s talk about now days going scams and how you can buy safe Google adsense account for yours and safe your money with scammer.

Actually Now days i am daily getting call and massages from some peoples and they just told me he/she lost his money and got scam.So now i am going to tell you how you cam safe your money with scammers.

How to buy Safe adsense and other things on Internet Without get scam.

1st. always remember before pay to anyone ask about him and never pay on internet by Paytm because  when i got peoples calls who got scam they always says they paid to scammer by Paytm so don,t pay by paytm always try to pay by net banking and bank deposit because in this condition you can easy tress the scammer. But by paytm you can,t find the scammer.

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2nd. you are going to make deal on Facebook so always see the seller profile is original and not if the guy is using any wallpaper so don,t pay him until you,ll not be sure the guy is profile is original.i am open showing my facebook original profile from last 2 years you can see bellow

When you,ll click on Chat With us On Face book You,ll visit on my Facebook genuine profile i am showing it from last 2 years you can watch my old videos. so every time remember to ask seller original profile than make deal.

3rd. It is most important thing why people got scam never buy cheap and never search cheap price adsense account because we are from India there is many people know how to make black hat account and easy they can scam with yours. so my all friends buy one time but buy quality and the basic thing is Quality takes money .


If you have any doubt and any problem in adsense you can ask me dose not matter you both from me adsense account and not. i,ll try to do your help by my best way.

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